Playoff Outlook (17.01)

Playoff Outlook (17.01)

The Bears are still in the seventh spot, but you have to feel a lot more comfortable with where they stand after a hard fought victory over Barys Astana on the road.  If they can maintain their consistency, they are a dangerous playoff team to reckon with.  If they do not live up to their potential, well it looks like they are still a playoff team…but not one to worry about too much.

Magic Number:  6 Games – or – 18 points

Quick explanation of the magic number.  These numbers reduce with every game won by Medvescak or every game lost by Atlant.  Regardless of what Atlant does down the stretch, six regulation wins or 18 points guarantees the Bears a playoff spot.  If Atlant loses or earns less than three points, that number drops as well.

Friday’s Matches

Place (GP) Team Points Match
3rd (44) Lev Praha 80 Amur
4th (44) Dinamo Riga 77 Sibir
5th (44) Donbass 76 off
6th (46) CSKA 76 Metallurg Nk
7th (45) Medvescak 75 off
8th (44) Lokomotiv 66 Ak Bars
9th (44) Atlant 62 Dynamo Moscow
10th (44) Slovan 56 Admiral

What to watch for?

Medvescak now has the inside track at the sixth seed!  They have played one less game than CSKA and are only one point back.  They control their own destiny to not play what would likely be SKA St. Petersburg (or a bad slide would lead to a matchup against Dynamo Moscow) in the first round.  Lev Praha, Dinamo Riga or Donbass will not be an easy matchup, but likely a more competitive won.  The Bears also have the opportunity to move even higher since they have head-to-head games against Riga and Prague after the Olympics.  Still, the more these teams lose the better for Medvescak.  Be a hater….root for losses!


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