Current Roster



Name Position Height Weight Age Nationality Shoots
Michael Ryan C/LW/RW 6ft. 1in. 191 33 USA Left
Patrick Bjorkstrand C/LW/RW 6ft. 0in. 192 20 Denmark/USA Left
Charles Linglet LW 6ft. 2in. 212 30 Canada Left
Bill Thomas RW 6ft. 1in. 190 29 USA Right
Hugh Jessiman RW 6ft. 6in. 224 29 USA Right
Luke Walker RW 6ft. 1in. 175 23 USA/Canada Right
Mike Glumac RW 6ft. 2in. 200 33 Canada Right
Ryan Vesce RW 5ft. 8in. 175 31 USA Right
Boyd Kane LW 6ft. 2in. 225 35 Canada Left
Matt Ellison C/RW 6ft. 0in. 192 29 Canada Right
Matt Murley RW/LW 6ft. 1in. 206 33 USA Left
Jonathan Cheechoo RW 6ft. 0in. 200 32 Canada Right
Dario Kostović LW 6ft. 3in. 205 32 Croatia/Swiss Right
Nathan Perkovic RW 6ft. 5in. 216 27 USA/Croatia Right
Andrew Murray C 6ft. 2in. 210 31 Canada Left
Mike Iggulden C 6ft. 4in. 191 31 Canada Right
Marko Sakic C 5ft. 11in. 181 19 Croatia Left
Erik Nystrom LW/RW 5ft. 11in. 176 20 Sweden Left


Name Position Height Weight Age Nationality Shoots
Mark Katic D 5ft. 11in. 185 24 Canada/Croatia Left
Mark Popovic D 6ft. 1in. 205 30 Canada Left
Mathieu Carle D 6ft. 0in. 206 25 Canada Right
Alan Letang  D 6ft. 1in. 187 38 Canada Left
Saša Martinović D 6ft. 1in. 209 29 Germany (Croatian Ancestry) Left
Geoff Waugh D 6ft. 4in. 216 30 Canada (Croatian Ancestry) Right
Ivan Švarný D 6ft. 2in. 209 28 Slovak Republic Left
Kurtis Foster D 6ft. 5in. 226 31 Canada Right
Kyle Klubernatz D 6ft. 0in. 181 27 USA Right
Ryan O’Connor D 5ft. 11in. 185 21 Canada Right


Name  Position Height  Weight Age Nationality Catches
Mark Dekanich G 6ft. 2in. 192 27 Canada/Croatia  Left
Barry Brust G 6ft. 2in. 210 30 Canada  Left
Alex Westlund
G 5ft. 10in. 181 28 Canada Right
Mitja Koren G 6ft. 3in. 165 20 Slovenia Left

Transfers, Loans and Injuries

Name  Position Height  Weight Age Reason for Leave
Gal Koren C 6ft. 0in. 185 21 Transfer to Olimpija Ljubljana
Emil Lundberg C 5ft. 10in. 190 31 Released During Preseason
Kenny MacAulay D 5ft. 10in. 194 29 Loan to Olimpija Ljubljana
Hannu Pikkarainen D 6ft. 1in. 196 29 Released During Preseason
Brian Willsie C/RW 6ft. 1in. 202 35 Loan Period Expired
Andrej Vasiljević G 6ft. 0in. 184 19 Awaiting transfer
Steve Montador D 6ft. 0in. 211 34 Concussion – Retired


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